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01 May 2014 - onwards
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26 November 201910:0013:00Kreis Viersen RoomOccurred
17 December 201910:0013:00Kreis Viersen RoomOccurred
28 January 202010:0013:00Kreis Viersen RoomOccurred
24 March 202010:0013:00CancelledScheduled
23 April 202011:00TBCVirtual Meeting - Beginning at 11am or at the conclusion of Economy or Environment Committee, whichever is later.Occurred
14 May 202010:00TBCVirtual MeetingOccurred
02 June 202010:0013:00Virtual MeetingScheduled 
14 July 202010:0013:00Kreis Viersen RoomScheduled 
22 September 202010:0013:00Kreis Viersen RoomScheduled 
20 October 202010:0013:00Kreis Viersen RoomScheduled 


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Elected Members

PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
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Liberal Democrats
Councillor David Jenkins Member 23/05/2017 - current 88%
Councillor Noel Kavanagh Member 19/05/2020 - current No meetings since joining
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Peter McDonald Member 19/05/2020 - current No meetings since joining
Councillor Elisa Meschini Member 15/05/2018 - current 94%
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Lucy Nethsingha Member 25/02/2020 - current 70%
Councillor Tom Sanderson Member 14/05/2019 - current 56%
Councillor Josh Schumann Member 23/05/2017 - current 85%


PartyNameRoleMembership DatesMeetings Attended
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Councillor David Ambrose SmithSubstitute 19/05/2020 - current 0
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Barbara AshwoodSubstitute 19/05/2020 - current 0
Councillor Chris BodenSubstitute 18/07/2017 - current 3
Councillor Anne Hay Substitute 18/07/2017 - current 2
Councillor Mark Howell Substitute 25/05/2017 - current 3
Councillor Samantha HoySubstitute 25/05/2017 - current 3
Councillor Linda JonesSubstitute 18/07/2017 - current 2
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Sebastian KindersleySubstitute 19/05/2020 - current 2
Councillor Mac McGuire Substitute 19/05/2020 - current 3
Councillor Lina NietoSubstitute 19/05/2020 - current 0

Other Information

The General Purposes Committee (GPC) is authorised by Full Council to co-ordinate the development and recommendation to Full Council of the Budget and Policy Framework, as described in Article 4 of the Constitution, including in-year adjustments. In addition, the GPC is authorised to make decisions on the allocation of matters amongst committees where the function does not clearly fall within the remit of one particular committee. The GPC has a number of specific functions including the following: (i) appointing members to a range of external bodies; and (ii) oversight of 'corporate' or council-wide matters such as customer services unless reserved to full Council.