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23 May 2017 - onwards
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06 July 201710:0013:00Room 128Occurred
24 August 201711:0000:00Kreis Viersen RoomOccurred
26 October 201714:0000:00Kreis Viersen RoomOccurred
21 December 201714:0017:00Kreis Viersen RoomOccurred
15 February 201814:0017:00Kreis Viersen RoomOccurred
17 April 201810:0013:00Kreis Viersen RoomOccurred
31 May 201814:0017:00Room 128Occurred
05 July 201810:0013:00Kreis Viersen RoomOccurred
27 September 201810:0013:00Kreis Viersen RoomOccurred
18 October 201810:0013:00Kreis Viersen RoomOccurred


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Elected Members

PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Barbara Ashwood Member 14/05/2019 - current 60%
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Henry Batchelor Member 06/04/2020 - current 100%
Councillor Adela Costello Member 18/10/2017 - current 78%
Councillor Steve Criswell Chairman 23/05/2017 - current 96%
Councillor Lis Every Member 23/05/2017 - current 84%
Councillor Janet French Member 26/04/2018 - current 79%
Councillor Elisa Meschini Member 19/05/2020 - current 86%
Councillor Lina Nieto Vice-Chairwoman 23/05/2017 - current 60%
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Amanda Taylor Member 14/05/2019 - current 70%
Councillor Mandy Smith Member 19/05/2020 - current 100%


PartyNameRoleMembership DatesMeetings Attended
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Councillor David Ambrose SmithSubstitute 23/05/2017 - current 8
Councillor David ConnorSubstitute 18/07/2017 - current 1
Councillor Kevin CuffleySubstitute 20/05/2020 - current 0
Councillor John GowingSubstitute 06/04/2020 - current 7
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Nichola HarrisonSubstitute 23/05/2017 - current 1
Liberal Democrats
Councillor David JenkinsSubstitute 24/06/2019 - current 1
Councillor Linda JonesSubstitute 20/05/2020 - current 0
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Lucy NethsinghaSubstitute 06/04/2020 - current 0
Councillor Josh Schumann Substitute 20/05/2020 - current 0
Councillor Jocelynne ScuttSubstitute 27/06/2017 - current 0
Nick Mills
01223 699763

Other Information

The Communities and Partnership Committee is authorised by Full Council to deliver the County Council’s ambition to build stronger self-sustaining communities as expressed in its Community Resilience Strategy, and to work together with the Mayor, combined authority, district councils and other partners to design and deliver services which best meet the needs of those communities. The committee will develop plans, in this regard, with the Mayor, combined authority, district councils and other partners to deliver or jointly commission services for communities where it makes sense to do so, aligning resources and expertise around an agreed set of outcomes in order to make the most of public sector funds.