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Cambridgeshire County Council Constitution

Cambridgeshire County Council has a Constitution which sets out how the Council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures that are followed to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.  Some of these processes are required by the law, while others are a matter for the Council to choose.

Individual sections of the Constitution can be read below.  There are seven Parts to the Constitution

1 - Summary and Explanation

2 - Articles of the Constitution

3 - Responsbility for Functions (subdivided into five parts, A to E)

4 - Rules of Procedure

5 - Codes and Protocols

6 - Members' Allowances Scheme

7 - Management Structure.

  1. pdf Contents (93Kb)
  2. pdf Full Version (5592Kb)
  3. pdf P1 Summary and Explanation (153Kb)
  4. pdf P2-1 The Constitution (116Kb)
  5. pdf P2-10 Joint Arrangements (114Kb)
  6. pdf P2-11 Officers (142Kb)
  7. pdf P2-12 Decision Making (99Kb)
  8. pdf P2-13 Finance, Contracts and Legal Matter (79Kb)
  9. pdf P2-14 Review and Revision of the Constitution (82Kb)
  10. pdf P2-15 Suspension, Interpretation and Publication of the Constitution (83Kb)
  11. pdf P2-2 Members of the Council (104Kb)
  12. pdf P2-3 The Public & the Council (85Kb)
  13. pdf P2-4 Full Council (126Kb)
  14. pdf P2-5 Chairing Council (130Kb)
  15. pdf P2-6 Decision Review and Statutory Scrutiny Function (111Kb)
  16. pdf P2-7 The Leader etc (125Kb)
  17. pdf P2-8 Committees (148Kb)
  18. pdf P2-9 Advisory Process (132Kb)
  19. pdf P3A Full Council and Committees (130Kb)
  20. pdf P3B Committees of Council (110Kb)
  21. pdf P3B-1 Strategy and Resources (159Kb)
  22. pdf P3B-10 Planning (109Kb)
  23. pdf P3B-11 Staffing and Appeals (145Kb)
  24. pdf P3B-12 Health and Wellbeing Board (180Kb)
  25. pdf P3B-2 Adults and Health (159Kb)
  26. pdf P3B-3 Children and Young People (155Kb)
  27. pdf P3B-4 Environment and Green Investment (160Kb)
  28. pdf P3B-5 Communities, Social Mobility and Inclusion (171Kb)
  29. pdf P3B-6 Highways and Transport (143Kb)
  30. pdf P3B-7 Audit and Accounts (157Kb)
  31. pdf P3B-8 Constitution and Ethics (139Kb)
  32. pdf P3B-9 Pension Fund Committee (293Kb)
  33. pdf P3C Joint Committees (107Kb)
  34. pdf P3C-A Greater Cambridge Partnership (258Kb)
  35. pdf P3C-B Police and Crime Panel (127Kb)
  36. pdf P3C-C LGPS ACCESS Joint Committee (213Kb)
  37. pdf P3D Scheme of Delegation (274Kb)
  38. pdf P3E Shareholder Rights in Pathfinder Legal Services Limited (106Kb)
  39. pdf P3F Delegations Resulting from Covid-19 (74Kb)
  40. pdf P4-1 Council Procedure Rules (512Kb)
  41. pdf P4-2 Access to Information Procedure Rules (240Kb)
  42. pdf P4-3 Budget and Policy Framework (131Kb)
  43. pdf P4-4 Procedure Rules for Committee and Sub-Committee Meetings (308Kb)
  44. pdf P4-4a Procedure for taking urgent decisions (125Kb)
  45. pdf P4-5 Annex 1 - Scheme of Financial Management (681Kb)
  46. pdf P4-5 Annex 2 - Contract Procedure Rules (367Kb)
  47. pdf P4-5 Financial and Contract Procedure Rules (105Kb)
  48. pdf P4-6 Officer Employment Procedure Rules (164Kb)
  49. pdf P4-7 Decision Review Procedure Rules (123Kb)
  50. pdf P5-1 Members' Code Conduct (209Kb)
  51. pdf P5-1a Guidance on Confidentiality (89Kb)
  52. pdf P5-1b Guidance on Gifts and Hospitality (191Kb)
  53. pdf P5-1c Guidance on Conflicts of Interest (121Kb)
  54. pdf P5-2 Officers' Code of Conduct (129Kb)
  55. pdf P5-3 Member Officer Relations (188Kb)
  56. pdf P5-4 Elections and Referendums (256Kb)
  57. pdf P5-5 Media Protocol (243Kb)
  58. pdf P6 Members' Allowances Scheme (188Kb)
  59. pdf P7-1 Management Structure (161Kb)