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Object to Installing Pay & Display on Brookside, CB2

Title: Object to Installing Pay & Display on Brookside CB2


We the undersigned petition the council to Reject Cambridgeshire County Council’s PR0551 Proposed Amendments to Parking Restrictions – Newtown area, Cambridge issued the 5th February 2020. We, the unsigned, object to the removal of Resident Permit parking and replacing it with Pay & Display parking on Brookside (Bateman Street to Pemberton Terrace section), where it is proposed to convert the northern and southern sections of existing Resident Permit parking to Pay & Display parking, in addition the southern section being extended southwards by 20 metres to provide an additional length of Pay & Display parking.


The section of Brookside between Bateman Street and Pemberton Terrace is a narrow, one-way street with the front gardens of schools and residents across the road, and with schools at the beginning and end of the road. This section of road is currently only Resident Permit parking, which is always occupied, and the section at the southern Bateman Street end (outside MPW and the Stephen Perse Foundation) has double yellow lines or zigzag SCHOOL KEEP CLEAR lines.
Removing the Resident Permit parking and installing Pay & Display parking will increase risk of serious injury to:
? School children (Heritage School, Stephen Perse Foundation, and MPW) arriving to school, leaving school during the day for activities, or when crossing the road to front gardens. This risk is particularly acute outside of Heritage School, which has over 200 pupils, half of which are aged 4-10 years old, where the line of sight is most compromised by parked cars,
? Resident children crossing the road to their gardens,
? Resident senior citizens walking in the area or to their gardens,
? Cyclists going the wrong way down Brookside,
? Visitors to the Botanical Gardens who walk down Brookside, often entering resident gardens.
Installing Pay & Display will create additional foreign traffic turning off Trumpington road, into Bateman street and then left into Brookside to try and find parking. These drivers will not be local people with local knowledge of risks to children or residents or of others who cycle or walk the wrong way down the road. The turning into Brookside is almost blind as the railings and plantings obscure the view of the driver. Front garden gates often swing into the road. Local residents and business users are aware of these factors and drive slowly.

A particular concern is line of sight down Brookside for residents, school children and other users wishing to cross Brookside. This problem is particularly acute at the northern end of Brookside outside Heritage School. There is a serious risk of injury to school children crossing Brookside, as they are unable clearly to see a car approaching up Brookside due to parked cars. This same risk applies to all cyclists and pedestrians crossing from Pemberton Terrace to the pedestrian bridge across Hobson’s Conduit to Trumpington Road. Heritage School reports numerous ‘near misses’; poor line of sight at the northern end of Brookside is a serious accident waiting to happen. Installing Pay and Display parking on Brookside will make matters worse.

There was a proposal to install two-way cycling on this section of Brookside. However, after a report it was concluded that this was a safety concern. See paragraph 4.4 of Cambridge Traffic Management area joint committee report dated 24th April 2006.
Additionally, removing residents parking from this section will cause residents to drive around the local one-way system creating a greater environmental impact.
It is proposed to remove the Pay & Display from Pemberton Terrace and replace it with Residents Permit parking. Pemberton Terrace is a two-way street on what is effectively a single lane road, given the current parking on the north side of Pemberton Terrace. This parking is not much used for much during the day. With all spaces potentially full of Resident Permit parking throughout the day there will be no space for drivers to pull in to let others pass, leading to more frequent bottlenecks, including when lorries or delivery trucks drive down Pemberton Terrace from Brookside. Regardless of how parking bays are distributed on Pemberton Terrace, consideration should be given to making Pemberton Terrace one way from west to east.

Residents, schools and other business users of Brookside have not been consulted on this proposed scheme. We, the undersigned, given the objections stated above, demand that this scheme be sent back to consultation. This will allow residents, schools and other business users to have their say so that a more appropriate scheme can be created, one which balances various needs and serious safety concerns more effectively. Under the current proposal, the safety of residents and school children will be compromised further by encouraging more foreign traffic on Brookside

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Friday, 21 February 2020
Friday, 1 May 2020
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This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:

Thank you for submitting an online petition relating to the Council’s proposals to amend the parking restrictions in the Newtown area of Cambridge, and more specifically objecting to the proposed pay & display parking planned for Brookside.

 The petition was considered at the meeting of the Cambridge City Joint Area Committee that was held virtually on Tuesday 9th June 2020. Elected Members considered the contents of the petition in conjunction with individual written representations that were submitted in response to the published proposals.

 The decision of the Committee was that the proposed changes should be implemented as published and you can view a formal record of the decision on the Council's website -

Minutes of the meeting will also be published and can be viewed via that link in due course.

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